BristolCon 2022
(Saturday October 29th 2022)
328 days to go

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Guests of Honour: Stark Holborn and Liz Williams
Location: Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Bristol

About MEG

MEG was an inquisitive child. Once she learned how to build a computer, she discovered PC games and, in particular, the Discworld games. Then she needed a bigger computer to play the next game and this had A MODEM! The modem connected to The Internet And the Internet connected to The Discworld forum And the Discworld forum connected to Discworld conventions And the Discworld convention led to Program running And Program running lead to BRISTOLCON. MEG is generally friendly and safe to approach but if she is looking harassed, try the magic words: “Would you like a Pinot Grigio?” Works every time.